Velazquez- Las Meninas: Analysis and Interpretation
Diego Velazquez
Velazquez's selfportrait
Las Meninas
By Diego Velazquez

Velazquez - Las Meninas: Meaning - Classical Representation
and general grammar, thought begins to be deployed at the level that surpasses representation… Painting, starting with Manet, ceases to concern itself with its traditional representational task, instead undertaking the interrogation of its own finitude in much the same way as the [modern] sciences of man. Primarily, this manifests itself in painting’s exploration of its own materiality, that is, those material properties that underlie and sustain its capacity for representation.”

Foucault completed his analysis of Las Meninas as follows: “Perhaps there exists, in this painting by Velazquez, the representation as it were, of Classical representation, and the definition of the space it opens up to us. And, indeed, representation undertakes to represent itself here in all its elements, with its images, the eyes to which it is offered, the faces it makes visible, the gestures that call it into being. But there, in the midst of this dispersion which it is simultaneously grouping to-gether and spreading out before us, indicated compellingly from every side, is an essential void: the necessary disappearance of that which is its foundation - of the person [the king] it resembles and the person [the king] in whose eyes it is only a resemblance. This very subject - which is the same - has been deleted.
And representation, freed finally from the relation [with resemblance] that was im-peding it, can offer itself as representation in its pure form” (Michel Foucault (1966). The Order of Things: An Archeology of the Human Sciences. New York: Vintage Books, 1994, p. 16).

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Diego Velazquez, Self portrait
Fig. 14. Diego Velazquez – Self-portrait.
Diego Velazquez Self-portrait.
Velazquez’s Las Meninas is a portrait of Infanta Margarita, the daughter of King Philip IV. This article focuses on the way Velazquez painted Infanta Margarita’s psychological perplexity in front of the large window of his studio. It also focuses on Infanta Margarita’s beauty, her intelligence, and above all her interest in the beauty of the visible world!
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Diego Velazquez, Self portrait
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